Thursday, 26 July 2012

New services from ILPS...

International Loss Prevention Systems is always looking for new and innovative methods of loss prevention, whether it be in the retail, commercial, or residential sectors.  

As technology in the industry is changing so is the method in which businesses and homes protect their assets.  Below are some of the latest tools that ILPS is involved with to help our customers protect their property and staff:

Remote Video Monitoring
ILPS now offers the "Check Video Intelligent Video Surveillance System" as well as the "Videofied Revolutionary Security System".  Both systems use either an existing internet connection or a cellular connection to send video alarms back to our central monitoring station where they are treated as verified intrusion alarm signals and emergency services are dispatched upon seeing a crime in progress.   These systems offer an advantage over the traditional intrusion alarm system as they provide a verified alarm signal which results in less time for the monitoring station having to contact the location first.

In addition to the Check Video and Videofied systems all of the DVR systems ILPS installs have the capability of being connected to an existing internet connection to be viewed remotely either with a built in web server on the DVR or through various smart phone platforms such as the iPhone or Andriod.  Our customers find this convienient method of remote video monitoring a good way of keeping an eye on their business or home while they are away. 

Remote Security Patrol
Traditional security guards are costly, they always has been and always will be.  With advances in technology allowing CCTV systems to be viewed remotely and PTZ cameras controlled remotely the security guard no longer needs to be on site.  From a secure remote security control room off site the surveillance operator is able either to view a live video feed 24/7 or simply view a video feed when an alarm is triggered.  If a problem is found, either live or as a result of an alarm trigger both the Police are dispatched as well as a mobile security responder.

This method of security patrol is far more effective then your traditional security guard as it provides a more cost effective solution (large cost of surveillance staff and equipment spread out over multiple clients), is as discreet or overt as needed, and will see more things more often then a traditional mobile security guard stopping by at random intervals.

In a lot of cases ILPS can use your existing CCTV equipment on site, or if their is no CCTV equipment on site or the equipment on site needs to be upgraded ILPS can work with you to build a system that suits your budget and meets your needs.

For more information on these or any of the methods that ILPS can work with you to safeguard your property please contact us using the information below: